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Sefton the Horse

Sefton was a cavalry horse who served with the British Army for 17 years and was the only horse to survive the 1982 Hyde Park bomb atrocity during a Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Even though he had to endure 8 hours of surgery due to 34 separate injuries (including a severed jugular vein and a wounded left eye), and Veterinary surgeons gave him a 50/50 chance of surviving the shock and extreme blood loss, Sefton survived and was back on active duty within 3 months.





During his recovery and treatment, Sefton received thousands of gifts, mints and cards from the public to show their support and gratitude for his service and well-wishes. Charitable donations reaching almost £670,000 were collected to build a new surgical wing at the Royal Veterinary College which was named the ‘Sefton Surgical Wing’.

He was awarded ‘Horse of the Year’ and became one of the first horses to be placed in the British Horse Society’s equestrian Hall of Fame; and he also has an annual prize named after him.

He finally retired from the Household Cavalry in August 1984 and was moved to the Home of Rest For Horses in Buckinghamshire.

Sefton lived a full and happy life and passed away at the age of 30 in 1993.

Rest in Peace Sefton  xxxx

Sefton being awarded 'Horse of the Year'.

Sefton being awarded ‘Horse of the Year’.


Faith the Dog

Faith was born in 2002 with severely deformed front legs, and could only move around by dragging herself along the floor. This would have been dangerous (it would rub a hole in her chest and chin) to Faith if she continued to do so throughout her life. She was recommended to be put down, but the family that adopted her were determined to give her a long and happy life.


Faith when she was a puppy xx

Faith when she was a puppy xx


Faith’s new family trained her to walk around on her hind legs by holding a spoonful of peanut butter above her head, and as crazy as that sounds, it actually worked!! Eventually, she could walk around without the aid of a treat, and to this day she still walks around only on her hind legs.

Faith the dog xx

Faith the dog xx


Motala the Elephant

Motala is an elephant from Thailand who’s leg was severely damaged after stepping on a land mine in 1999. The land-mine was there because it had been left over from the Burmese-Thai war. Motala’s leg was beyond the point of repair, so she had to have it amputated below her knee. For 10 years she learnt to walk around on 3 legs; it wasn’t until 2009 that she was lucky enough to receive a permanent prosthetic leg (which had never been made for any elephant before).

motala 2

Motala washing herself xx