Me on ITV

Today was amazing!!  Went on ‘Loose Women‘ with Noel Fitzpatrick. Met Paul O’Grady (he was very nice), gave a bit of a scare as he came round a corner and had a great time meeting Kaye Adams, Coleen Nolan, Jane Moore and Nadia Sawalha. Thank you to all of the kind people at the ITV studios for making me so welcome.


Firsts for today:

* had my very own chauffeur

*went in a lift!!

*had my own dressing room

*met celebrities

*went on TV!!

me on Loose Women x

Me on Loose Women x

loose women-cab

Me in the taxi on the way to ITV studios x

Seth is the best

My favourite teddy is a dog named Seth. He is called Seth because soon after my people got him, another human visited my home. He thought it would be funny to take my teddy away from me ,so I barked at him! He dropped the teddy and made a squeaky noise. He didn’t find it funny anymore, but the other humans did!! This human’s name was Seth. xx

Me with Seth xx

Me with Seth xx