Had a chat with the cat xx

Me and my friend willow

Me and my friend willow

matt and mellie 139

Playing and exploring in the garden

Me and my friend willow had a lovely wander in the garden the other day. I’ve known her since she was a kitten and I was a puppy!! We’ve been friends for about 9 years now and I love her very much xx

Had a play in the snow today!!

Last night, it snowed where I lived! So I went out and played in the snow because I love it! Unfortunately, most of it has melted now, but it was lovely while it lasted.



Love the snow!! x

Love the snow!! x






Some Christmas Cheer at a Later Time of Year

These photos are from the 6th of January, when my family and I were taking down our Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find the time to post lately, so I’m posting these now!! xx


'Lighting up' with Christmas spirit xx

‘Lighting up’ with Christmas spirit xx

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It’s the time of year for festive cheer xx

I can’t quite believe that Christmas day is tomorrow!! So exciting!! Also it has been a whole year since Noel Fitzpatrick operated on me at Fitzpatrick referrals xx Thank you for a brilliant year everyone xx Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! xx


Me in my santa hat xx

Me in my santa hat xx

chilling in front of the Christmas tree xx

chilling in front of the Christmas tree xx



Dogfest was the best

Yesterday I went to a dog show called Dogfest with Noel Fitzpatrick and got a Supervet Hero Award given to me by Chris Evans!! Also I met up with lots of other dogs that have been saved by my Uncle Noel xx


Me and my pal Scooby xx


Making new friends at Dogfest xx


Me and my mate Crispy xx


Hello there!! x


Me with Chris Evans, Uncle Noel, one of my humans and lots of other lovely people and dogs!! xx


Me and my chum Ruby xx


My Supervet Hero Award xx

My Supervet Hero Award xx


Noel and I, and one of my humans xx


Me and my friend Mojo xx


Weekend Walk Talk

Had a lovely walk over the weekend with my family. Its the longest walk I’ve had since my surgery, so it was quite tiring, but I really enjoyed it!!


If you click the pictures, you will see videos of me on my walk xx


Me on my walk xx

Walking in the woods xx

Pre-walk chill in the garden xx

Pre-walk chill in the garden xx