my life

I was born in an old shed with hay on the floor. It was winter, but my brothers and sister and I all snuggled up to keep warm. Mum spent most of her time outside, keeping strangers away; but she kept us fed and clean. It wasn’t long before the four became three and then it was just me and my sister. It was ok, more milk and more Mum time. When Mum was out my sister and I would try and to see as much as possible by climbing on top of some bags of cement in the corner. Every night Mum would clean us, turning us from grey back to black, telling us how bad we tasted.

don't like moving sheds

Not long after Mum stopped feeding us two strangers appeared, they looked at me covered in dust and my sister chewing on the cement bags, picked us both up; talked for a long time with Mums people; ” no you can only have one” mum’s people said. Suddenly the stranger holding me, just walked off with me in her arms and got into another shed? She smelt good, but her cheeks were wet so I cleaned them, it tasted salty (not like milk).

ellie and my first toy

Then the other stranger got in beside us, kissed me on the head and the shed started to move!!!!! I didn’t like moving sheds :(  There was one good thing though; no dusty bags to stand on to see out meant that I wasn’t going to get cleaned.. Eventually the moving shed stopped and I was carried into a big shed, this was apparently my peoples home. I had my own people!

This is when my life with my family began..


Whilst searching the new home for my brothers and sister, I came across another puppy!!! It was about my size, but different somehow. My people put down a bowl in front of me, it smelt like Mums milk; the other puppy came to join me. Next thing I knew it made a fearful noise, doubled in size and my nose started hurting.. This strange puppy was apparently called a FizzyCat . Lesson to self, FizzyCat’s are scary and don’t  share milk! After that I needed a bravery sleep !! I couldn’t find any hay or bags of cement so I had to make do with a warm soft box.

When I woke I thought I could hear familiar noises, on opening my eyes I saw two little people; they squeaked and bounced about just like my brothers, but they were soft and didn’t bite my tail..  They were my new sisters and they shared everything…………………………………………………….


Sometimes I even shared with them..

peas in a pod

The first couple of weeks with my family were very tiring, I had to learn all sorts of new things.  The Fizzycat puppy seemed to run the house and was in fact not a puppy but a cat!! I learnt that cats don’t like being licked or pounced upon when they come round the corner, and that their food smells irresistible. Oh and that they don’t share food either!!!

I learnt that I was always supposed to go outside to go to the toilet, even if I was in the middle of a game; and that it being cold or raining was no exception….

I learnt that the grown ups didn’t really like playing “bite the toes under the duvet” at 3 in the morning; but that sisters were up for a game whatever time it was.. That toys were all mine and that when I barked to protect my family, sometimes strangers would laugh.. Walks with my family were the best, but sometimes my little legs just got tired..

Ellies tuk tuk

Can you see me??